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Remisol Training in Thailand 2017-01-11

Remisol & DM2 operation training organized by Shanghai Tengcheng Medical Tech-Info Co.Ltd.(TCSoft) was held successfully at PCL Holding office in Thailand from December 14th to 24th.

Focusing on four parts including Remisol Basic Training, Remisol Applicative Training, Remisol EQC Training and DM2 Training, the training involves students including acting senior engineers from Southeast Asia, engineers from Beckman Singapore and Beckman Malaysia, and so on. The training instructor was Mr. Chen Yixi from clinical information system business department of TCSoft. Mr. Chen Yixi is experienced in DM2 and Remisol training and has been constantly pursuing new accomplishment in training approaches. The 11-day training achieved a success in a relaxed and harmonious environment. Mr. Chen’s clear teaching style has won him praise from students.